A Knight's Banquet in Munich

Knight's Baquet for large or small groups, couples or including a guided city tour

price per person  42,50 Euro for a Knight's Banquet

price per person  99,90 for a Knight's Banquet incl. guided city tour

Please take note that regular bookings need to be placed at least 2 days in advance and for reservations on weekends and/or guided city tours an even longer forerun might be necessary.

FAQs concerning our Knight's Banquet

Procedure and order of dishes

There is a guided 20 min. introduction where we familiarize you with the tools of the trade, the medieval etiquette and the order of the dishes. Furthermore we will asign administrative bodies such as food taster, hourly watchman/woman, court jester and immoral guardian. And rest assured... dear ladies and maidens... we banned the rule of you having to serve the knights. But that also applies the other way round ;-)

1st Course

To delve into the realm of medieval times every guest is first served a tasty sip of precious mead.

2nd Course

Perfectly suiting our bread of starters composed of duck-rillette, lard and salted butter, served with two sorts of fresh baked bread and a plate of salad and crudités.

3rd Course

After having stimulated your taste buds, business is getting serious as we are going to seduce you with our main course which includes a massive veal shank, a deliciously crust pork roast and tasty chicken drumsticks. Fitting side dishes are roasted bread dumplings and various coleslaws. And don't miss out on the gravy!

4th Course

Subsequently we provide a home brewed schnapps which serves purely for medical purpose and to help your digestion!

5th Course

And then it's time to accommodate the sweet tooth! Our legendary dessert „Kaiserschmarrn“ (sugared pancake) with apple-peach compote.

6th Course

And for everyone who still has some space left we offer either a cheese platter or another schnapps!

What is a Knight's Banquet incl. a guided city tour?

In cooperation with Munichs best city guides we offer a special event for companies and groups between 15-25 people. (Larger groups available on request – smaller groups available for additional fee)

The evening includes:

price per person 99,90 Euro

price for smaller groups on demand

Can we satisfy vegetarians!

Vegetarians are free to order an additional vegetarian main-dish with our Knight's Banquet. Starters are already 60% vegetarian. Dessert and cheese plate 100%. We appreciate being informed in advance but we can also deal with a moments notice ;-)

And how about vegans?

Well... only if we are informed in advance! Then we're more than happy to provide you with three vegan spreads, salad and crudités as starters, a vegan main dish and dessert. What we can't do is change the cheese, but feel free to pick the schnapps instead. And yes, we are well aware that our vegan menu does not equal the value of our regular Knight's Banquet and it's more than far from us to discriminate anybody, but please consider that it takes a lot of extra preparation for the kitchen staff, which is why we have to charge the same price than for regulars.

Is there a flat for beverages and what is included?

For companies and groups with a reservation for more than 20 people we offer a beverage flat which provides a costing safety, for whoever is in charge can calculate his expenditure in advance.

When does service start, how long does it last and when does the bell chime for the final round?

On our opening days between January and November you have a daily free choice to start between 18:30 and 19:30. A later start is a very rare exception! From the introduction until cheese/schnapps time the hour glass will be turned three and a half times. But your seats are yours until closing time...which is midnight on working days and 01:00 on Fridays and Saturdays.

During December we take reservations from Monday to Sunday. For 2019 that means from 01.12.2019 – 22.12.2019. Please note that we only open on Sundays if there is a valid amount of reservations!

Do we provide live-music?

98% of our Knight's Banquet evenings are without live-music and we've never had any complains about the lack of background entertainment. But if you insist on a singing bard we're more than willing to provide. The evening wage for a „Musikus“ is 200,00 European Silverlings (Euros) no matter the amount of guests. Please keep in mind that as we have to schedule with the bard you have to book this extra in advance.

Are there forks and do the maidens have to serve the knights?

Well, there is a firm NO! to both...but in case of forks we might be willing to make an occasional exception...e.g. for religious or haptic reasons or simply because some guests are more repelled by eating with their hands than using that devil tool ;-)

Do we take reservations outside the regular opening days?

Yes we do! For example for weddings or special company events! In those cases we charge a minimum turnover depending on the day. Please feel free to contact us via E-Mail.

Do we take reservations for bachelor - parties?

Unfortunately we have decided to no longer accept bookings for bachelor parties, which is mainly based on our predominantly bad experiences. And a fair warning for all who try to trick us … if you decide to hide the truth in your reservation we reserve the right to fully charge you for the Knight's Banquet but refuse admission. We ask for your understanding, that this also applies to any already heavily intoxicated customer.

Opening Hours

Wednesday, Thursday
18:30 - 24:00 Uhr
Friday, Saturday
18:30 - 1:00 Uhr

Closed Sunday to Tuesday

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